I just read a really good quote today which made me think how every single person on this earth fear change.

Me in fact.

How I’m used to do certain things certain way .But my mood gets totally off whenever the flow breaks. Like really off. I get anxious. This nerve wrecking anxiety like an almost panic attack. It be like that sometimes for some people right? Not everyone maybe. But for some people yes. Anything is a big deal when it comes to your mental health.

Whenever something I do everyday doesn’t happen even a single day or doesn’t fulfil my expectation that day I get anxious.

That’s just me fearing the change that is happening to me/around me.

I guess it will take time, so much time for people to learn that it is too natural for things to change. You just don’t stick to your ways. Even if you do, you always need to keep this thing in mind that some day it can change. Someday it can be totally nerve wrecking for you, emotionally. Either you prepare yourself beforehand or you deal with your emotional rollercoaster.

Funny how society doesn’t pay attention to such realistic problems everyone goes through in a phase of life. It is important to talk to people whenever you are anxious about something , it is important to talk to your people whenever you want to be held and to be prepared for something that you aren’t used to.

It is okay to ask for help. It is okay to go through such kind of emotional mood swings.

Please remember you are capable of offering support, advice and empathy to another person. Only you know how severe and devastating things can effect your life. It’s okay to seek help.


In life we are crippled by so many fears. The fear of not fitting in, the fear of not being good enough, the fear of failure, the fear of not getting recognised etc. And when we allow this fear to control our lives, we are giving away a part of ourselves. Everyone has the ability  to be fearless, no matter the realities they face.

We all search for that feeling, a feeling to find something that fulfils your soul. And it’s completely different for everyone. For some, it is their family and for some it is travelling and for some it is something else. Why is it different for everyone? Because it is what they have their faith in. Some have faith in the support their family gives, some have faith  in the feeling they get when they explore new places and when they climb new mountains.

It’s the faith. Faith is the most complicatedly beautiful reality, simultaneously challenging. But it fulfils your soul.

Fearlessly live your faith, no matter what it is.

It is no easy feat, but one that, when accomplished, can lead to unending possibilities.


Let’s start this with an understandable question which has a confusing answer.

What is a ‘CRUSH?’.

I personally think crush is like a puppy love which resembles an adoring and worshipful affection. Every person has/had a crush atleast once in their life. I say it’s the most beautiful thing ever that exists.

When they smile you just melt. The sound of his laugh, his voice gives you a tingling sensation in your brain telling you not to fall for that. And when he talks to you, every single word that comes out of his mouth goes to the moon and come back and revolve around the earth but doesn’t reach  your ears lol, as the only thing you’d be able to hear is the sound of your breathe and your raging heartbeat. Just every stupid thing they does, makes you fall for them.No matter how hopeless your crush is, your mind still embraces it even if your heart doesn’t. As if they are your favourite daydream. And who never once in life wanted their crush to stare at you when you aren’t looking? 

Isn’t it unfair that they drive you crazy? It is. And maybe it is worth all the butterflies you get when they look at you.

What do you think? Is crush really a brief and intense attraction towards someone that’s unattainable? Or something much more than that?

Dangerous Woman

She is a risk.

A buried treasure.

She tasted like swingsets and coffee.

She is funny and adores football, poker, dirty jokes and burping lol.

Plays ping pong, drinks beer at work.

She doesn’t consider herself a feminist, she just works hard.

She is strong and determined.

She isn’t a girl afraid of pain. She lives on pain.

She is a woman armed with beauty and sense of humour.

She is addictive, irresistibly.

A woman like that moves at her own pace.

She is craziest of the crazy and insane at times. Yet, she keeps her dark secrets that haunted her very being.

She is ‘a dangerous woman.’

Sweetness of the Beginnings

There is no adventure in life I’ve ever found more interesting than meeting a new person.

When you get to know someone, in the start, it is all excitement and adrenaline rush. But as the time passes by you won’t feel the butterflies like then. Why?

Let me tell you a random fact. There are fires that burn, with flames destroying everything in their midst and there are fires that warm, glow and illuminate.

That’s exactly how it is with a new person.You start out very exciting and intense. But with time, the attachment stabilises which you take it as ‘boredom’.

Fire burns its highest when there is a conflict. When the wind blows, the fire grows.

The stability you reach with a person isn’t boredom, but just the comfort level, a milestone, a positive marker to remind you that you should be the wind to the fire. That you should genuinely start working out keeping efforts if you want to hold on to that person.

Can you not risk the pain for the person who made you feel so right with just one look?

After all, that pain itself is the sweetness of the beginnings.

Expiry Date

Don’t you think that some of the best things aren’t simply going to last forever? After all, our favourite novels,movies and stories have an ending. And yet we watched them anyway. We loved them and learned from them anyway. They still have a value even though they eventually ended. And so do our relationship with people. Be it your father, mother, boyfriend, husband and even a guy you met on the sidewalk when you were completely lost !

Someone told me ‘every relationship has an expiry date.’ Do you agree with that? I don’t. I think. Maybe. I don’t know.

Maybe the problem is everytime you think about the end, the thought itself encapsulates you, makes you count days!! But what we forget is that the worth of the relationship is not measured by the longevity. It is about the intensity. Complexity. We don’t get to hold on to every person we love in our lives. But we do get to decide whether or not we’re going to appreciate them for everything they’re worth while we have them. 

Someday when you wake up in the morning some people will not be there in your life. Someday you’ll hear a joke and they won’t be there to laugh with you. Someday you are going to need their advice but they will not be there to give it to you. So you do the only thing you can, you ask them NOW. You laugh with them NOW. You be with them Now and relish every moment you have before it’s gone. 

That One Smile

The first time I sat there with him, neither of us knew that we'll mean so much to each other. All I remember was 'his smile'. It's funny that we didn't talk that time. He just smiled. Yes, a smile that's to die for.
Let me tell you a little experience of mine.
'The town is lit by the neon lights of clubs and bars and rain kissed sidewalks. I was there with him, lying in his lap, looking at the sky out the car's window, shying away when he caressed my hair and when I looked at him in the light of that traffic signal, I could see him smiling at me. Oh god!! How much I wanted to see that smile. I was never that happy. I wanted nothing that moment but to look at his smile. I don't know how that made me happy. I was Very happy that I couldn't say or talk anything that second. This feeling of that night would never escape my memory.'
It is said that people will forget what you said and what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.
So, just smile. Because you never know, who is going to fall in love with that smile or maybe all these small, nameless moments you spend smiling with someone who matters to you can be the bestest parts of your lifetime.
It is not tough to spread smiles. Just one smile can be very alluring, it could change it all.


How interesting is it that we get attached to some person in such a short time. But, do you know that there is something called “short term happiness”? I say that short term happiness is one hella simplest yet biggest pitfall. Instead I call it pleasure rather than ‘short-term-happiness’. These smallest hits of happiness are the biggest reasons for the unhappiness in the world. We pursue it because it will make us happy for small instant but will leave us feeling empty and constantly yearning for more over the long run. And the same time, the other side there is “long term happiness”, a secure-loving-content kind of feeling.

But why is it that we just crave for this short term happiness? We know it hurts. We know it’s gonna end and we know that it will eat you up from inside and you still want it. Why? 

And yeah, it hurts. Why? Because it matters. And how can you let go of something that matters? 

What do you think?

Men? They are otherworldly.

“What kind of animal are you?” I always ask my guy friends. They say women are hard to understand but I find men even more difficult to decode. I don’t agree with people who say men have no feelings. They do, infact a lot more than women.

But we, being women, talk everything out. Everything!! How needy we are, how clingy we are and sometimes how much attention we need. We talk it out.

And men? I think they express their feelings using a secret code – a code that even they can’t decipher.

Part of the problem for some men maybe that they have silenced their feelings for so long that they haven’t developed resources for handling them when they do arise. Such unplanned, unexpected emotions can often prove overwhelming.

I mean, I don’t even understand why men are so scared to express certain emotions! Mistakes happen. We are human afterall. As I say “mistakes won’t define us”.

Let your head fall. Let your eyes close. Let your chin quiver. Let your heart feel. Give yourself a break. You deserve it. You need it.

It isn’t wrong to feel something. The fact that you are feeling at all makes you feel alive. Like come on! Don’t you think you should lose your mind a little to enjoy freedom?


How does it feel like to talk? Talk about something random or something you are passionate about and how does it feel to find a person who comprehends it? Opening up to a new person vibing the same frequency as you? Would you take that risk to be simply understood?

The crowd is getting bigger, talks get smaller, standing on formalities and its so hard to make the shoe fit. It is so exhilarating but you do it anyway!

Because the moment when you feel the conversation getting intense, you forget what you started with and forget what sparkled your confidence in that person. You just talk. You like it. You are confiding. You are comfortable and happy <grin>.

You develop a voice and you feel a sense of belongingness like you understand what the other person is feeling, you are drowning in empathy !