You can love a thousand people at the same time, it is no surprise. But you can be in love with only one,he might not even love you back, and that’s okay. Sometimes its better to not have what you want, sometimes its better not to intervene. Sometimes its even better that the other person fights back to make you realise there is something bigger in store than what you wish to settle for. It’s miraculous that a person can do that to you, the more space they give you to get over the situation, the sorrier they feel for doing this to you, the more infatuated you feel, the cry for help is desperate and you are stuck.

Feels like crime when the prince charming has no intentions of being your rescue.


You are the therapy I never asked for but needed so much

You are the trance that is going to last forever after that one kiss

The fire to my dry passion pile

The ink in my pen piecing this confession

The best piece of my cutesy summer collection

You are the dream to make it big

You are the best of me

So stand by me and guard over me? Because I’m still a bit clumsy at love.



We all have fallen in love atleast once, the butterflies, the excitement, the nervousness, suddenly forgetting what to speak and then forgetting how to speak and then yes bring it on showtime!! You don’t want to speak.

You are hurt, played with. Hopeless, lying in a corner, buried in bed wondering if you are ever going to smile again, ever going to hear “I LOVE YOU” and be able to believe it again, hell!! You don’t even know if you’d be able to love again.

Let me tell you a short story about a lady who had three marriages, no children and two horrible divorces. I was having lunch at her place when she told me that she is in love AGAIN. And as expected I rolled my eyes asking if he is going to stay for a long time? She said “He sees no reason to leave.” After so many heart breaks she is ready to fall in love again and believe in happiness a relationship would bring to her. Is it not perfectly crazy? I have never ever seen such a sucker for love.
Yes it wasn’t logic, but it was love.

Relationships gone wrong are not supposed to turn you bitter and throw away the good remainder in your life. They are an indication that something even bigger is planned for you or maybe it is simply not the best time.

A day will come when you will have that sparkle in your eyes like stars embedded, you will carry a crazy smile on your face and people around you will know that you have found love.

Love happens at the most unexpected places and times.

Mine happened when I was with that person holding hands and there is nothing but silence between us and yet very comfortable. I was head over heels in love that moment. I still am. You won’t even know when it hits you, you will keep denying it, but you will know what changed in you. It is an entirely different emotion which is weirdly contagious, stupid and satisfying and don’t worry nobody will go unloved in the end. 

So quit crying and quit disconnecting yourself from the people who loves you by default.

True love doesn’t keep you grounded, it sets you free.


At some or other point of her life, every woman has listened to someone saying “Don’t forget YOU ARE A WOMAN!!”

Okay, Imma woman, a grown woman. So? Why does that make any difference to you if I give a ‘F’ or not?

I’m done with worrying about what others think. I’m done with adhering stupid rules prescribed by stupid people. I’m done with all those ridiculous fashion rules.

I don’t give a ‘F’ about my ex, about ending toxic relationships and I’m definitely not going to give a  ‘F’ about my mistakes. They do not define me, they are merely pieces in my life that have made me what I am today. That’s all. They do not hold me back. They do not open doors to judgement.

I’m not going to worry about social media, status symbols or the perfect body and yes “trying to fit in”. No thanks, i’ll roll solo.

In life, you just need to choose your own battle. Its not that I’ve become a bitch in my older years but just that I’ve lived long enough to be worrying over pretty much everything.

So It Goes

Do you know how it feels, when you realize all the changes in you and finally feel like you have lived all these moments all your life, just to experience this kind of feeling? And experiencing something like that is not easy. Lots of confusion, enthusiasm and many more mixed emotions along with a bit of embarrassment. I’m not talking about such “Cindrella meets her Prince” type of story but about raw and intense emotions towards someone who influenced your life.

That kind of feeling when you find yourself squealing on the phone, dancing around the garden without a care in the world. Kind of silly and embarrassing but you can’t help it.

I might sound cheesy if i say this but #blessed is the perfect hashtag to express such kind of feeling when you are with the right company and not just that, your confidence skyrockets when you are happy and excited & it takes less effort to do things. You feel invincible, energetic and alive along with that intense anxiety. 

Not to forget that “I’m incredibly lucky” kind of feeling.The fact that you have such kind of feeling, makes you wonder what you did to deserve this. You don’t know, but you’re glad it’s happened.

From the super highs to the down lows and EVERYTHING in between, you experience every moment, every single breathe and that is when you feel alive. Its okay to feel things.


P.S: I somehow believe that something strange and more full of wonders than your deepest dreams awaits for you when you are with the right one.

Rains And Blues

I never liked rains. I never even knew how to participate when all of my friends talk about how cozy and safe they feel when it rains. I always get this kind of depressed feeling, just because.

AND!! As they all say “There’s always a first time for everything”,it was my turn to embrace that feeling. It was then,that the patter of raindrops  against a window pane sounded so peaceful all of a sudden. I suddenly wanted to trace those raindrops on that pane. Listening to melodies and looking out at the rain!! A sense of relief and serenity washed over me. I wasn’t fazed by the prospect of getting a little wet.

You can be silly sometimes when you are in rain, especially when you are with the right person..You know how most of the climax scenes in the movies end up in a downpour?There’s a REASON.


She was always easy going and loved adventures. She never wanted everyday to be the same. When life started to be more interesting, a truth hit her like a ton of bricks. One day she collapsed and got admitted over and over. With every visit, she was there at the hospital for longer and longer. And when she finally found the truth, she was not sure what will happen to her. That is when she wanted to run away. She stopped holding back from  the things she always wanted to do. She was not scared anymore. She wanted to eat everything without worrying about her weight. She wanted to see cherry blossom trees. She wanted that Blueberry cheese cake badly and the honey beagles too!! And then, she told a lie. A lie that would make her closer ones happier. And all she wanted was, to be remembered by everyone. This is what life is about! It is Destiny.