How interesting is it that we get attached to some person in such a short time. But, do you know that there is something called “short term happiness”? I say that short term happiness is one hella simplest yet biggest pitfall. Instead I call it pleasure rather than ‘short-term-happiness’. These smallest hits of happiness are the biggest reasons for the unhappiness in the world. We pursue it because it will make us happy for small instant but will leave us feeling empty and constantly yearning for more over the long run. And the same time, the other side there is “long term happiness”, a secure-loving-content kind of feeling.

But why is it that we just crave for this short term happiness? We know it hurts. We know it’s gonna end and we know that it will eat you up from inside and you still want it. Why? 

And yeah, it hurts. Why? Because it matters. And how can you let go of something that matters? 

What do you think?

Men? They are otherworldly.

“What kind of animal are you?” I always ask my guy friends. They say women are hard to understand but I find men even more difficult to decode. I don’t agree with people who say men have no feelings. They do, infact a lot more than women.

But we, being women, talk everything out. Everything!! How needy we are, how clingy we are and sometimes how much attention we need. We talk it out.

And men? I think they express their feelings using a secret code – a code that even they can’t decipher.

Part of the problem for some men maybe that they have silenced their feelings for so long that they haven’t developed resources for handling them when they do arise. Such unplanned, unexpected emotions can often prove overwhelming.

I mean, I don’t even understand why men are so scared to express certain emotions! Mistakes happen. We are human afterall. As I say “mistakes won’t define us”.

Let your head fall. Let your eyes close. Let your chin quiver. Let your heart feel. Give yourself a break. You deserve it. You need it.

It isn’t wrong to feel something. The fact that you are feeling at all makes you feel alive. Like come on! Don’t you think you should lose your mind a little to enjoy freedom?


How does it feel like to talk? Talk about something random or something you are passionate about and how does it feel to find a person who comprehends it? Opening up to a new person vibing the same frequency as you? Would you take that risk to be simply understood?

The crowd is getting bigger, talks get smaller, standing on formalities and its so hard to make the shoe fit. It is so exhilarating but you do it anyway!

Because the moment when you feel the conversation getting intense, you forget what you started with and forget what sparkled your confidence in that person. You just talk. You like it. You are confiding. You are comfortable and happy <grin>.

You develop a voice and you feel a sense of belongingness like you understand what the other person is feeling, you are drowning in empathy !


Do you believe in happy endings? Or do you think that no such things exist because nothing ever ends?

Are happy endings are really tied to faith or are they just illusion of fate?

The most powerful ability a human possess is the ability of choice.

When you choose to be happy, when you choose to focus on good things, when you choose to be open to receive all that life has to offer you, you begin to appreciate how awesome life can be bases on choosing it.

Learn to enjoy small victories. Find beauty in ugly places. Be your own friend. Do something everyday so you’d be grateful for that in your future.

I still believe that the good guy wins even though he is not perfect. He still saves the day and yes gets the girl.

I believe in happy endings. Do you?


He is special, an entirely better human being than me in every single conceivable way.

There are lots of guys who holds doors open for you and lots of guys who nervously bounce their leg on first date. But there aren’t any other like him.

He wasn’t a challenge and he wasn’t a mystery or a novelty, he was just there, in all those subtle and meaningful ways that people write songs, poems and novels about.

With such person in your life, the bliss just settles in.


If you find  comfort  in your thoughts , do not consider it worrying, instead marvel at your ideas.

Inspite of common belief, words do not always change the world, they do not make people fall in love, and they do not necessarily represent happiness; actions and feelings do.

Admire the beauty, wonder and necessity of extroverts without questioning your own. Because without personality differences world wouldn’t function properly.

Let your silence spark your creativity and once you do, explore your passion and change the world, because if you do not use your introversion for great things then who will?


I don’t want that love we are celebrating now, goes faded

I don’t want it to eat me up inside

I don’t want to feel hollow and make him feel low

It is not lack of love

I know he loves me and I never doubted his love for me

I never even doubted his loyalty nor his intentions

But it’s the love !! I can’t love so much and that mere thought itself is driving me insane

He can’t slap a kiss across her cheek everytime she’s choking

She’s still dying, you see.